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Are wondering what your next step could be in your career path? Looking for a career that unique to your skill set, your interests, and your passions? Identify the patterns and cycles that may get in the way of you achieving your dream job or receive support in figuring out how to have a more fulfilling and balanced work life. 

Modalities used may include, for instance, creative expression of ideal work and work environment, informational healing sessions, scientific analysis of colour, symbol, placement with regards this topic, etc. 

Emotional Wellness

Your emotional well-being and balance can be supported and enhanced through the many tools Tami has in her toolbox. Looking at the root of any emotional imbalance, Tami will create a unique protocol for each client designed to assist in creating or reestablishing balance. 

This protocol could involve, for instance, a combination of creative release techniques using paint or clay, body work modalities, such as acupressure or extract-based hot stone massage, and emotional self sufficiency blueprints (TM), such as power poses.

Physical Wellness

Do you have stomach aches? Intestinal upset? Frequent urination? Headaches? Hip challenges?  Do you have anxiety or stress-related physical ailments? As a Bio-Energy Medicine professional, Tami uses of various gentle body work tools, including structure and organ balancing, acupressure, hot stone therapies, botanical & herbal extract therapies, etc. Tami can also provide information on food, exercise, and stressors for the body, emotions and beliefs. 


Natural Health Practitioner of Canada Certified

Stress and living inevitably go together. To eliminate all stressors in life is both impossible and undesirable, as positive stressors generate growth and learning opportunities. However, when the stress response is turned on in more continuous ways by commonly occurring stressors - such as workload, bills, family responsibilities, and challenging relationships - a continued and unregulated fight-or-flight response challenges your emotional, physical and mental well-being. 

Stress related illnesses - including anxiety, sleep challenges, over-reacting, over- or under-eating, headaches, digestive upset, and much more - contribute significantly to the reduced functioning of individuals. Working with Tami, you can learn easy in-the-moment stress reduction techniques, while also looking at the root causes of these stressors and working to resolve any physical manifestations of stress in your body.

Stress Management
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