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Have you noticed tension developing in your work environment but can’t quite put your finger on what is happening? Would you like to discern the dynamics of your employees or group members, what the undercurrents are in these interactions and relationships, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of your group, business, or organization? 


Through a careful analysis of the group non-verbals, their use of heuristics, time, and space, colours and symbols, Tami can provide the group members or the managing team feedback and suggestions on how to move forward in the smoothest and healthiest fashion.

Stress related illnesses - including anxiety, sleep challenges, over-reacting, over- or under-eating, headaches, digestive upset, and much more - contribute significantly to the reduced functioning of both individuals and the groups to which they belong. According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America Survey, in 2012 65 percent of Americans cited work as a top source of stress, with only 37 percent of the surveyed population indicating they were doing an excellent or very good job of stress management.


Whether you would like to develop a long-term stress management strategy for your group, business or organization, or to provide a one-off stress reduction workshop to the group as a whole, Creating Power can develop a strategy appropriate for your group.

Whether you want your team to experience a fun experience focused on stress relief, or a behaviour-changing exercise or, even better, some combination of these two objectives, Tami can work with you to identify your team challenges and strategize best options to obtain your objectives. 


Do you want to engage in fun and creative team-building activities to help stir the imagination of your team?  Teams can use paint, clay or other expressive mediums. No artistic talent is required. Create your vision of the future with your team, reduce stress, and have fun. 


Do you want to bring your group together, identify their strengths, weaknesses, and dynamics? Workshops using specific to these goals can also be carefully constructed.

Studies indicate that 60-85% or more of what we communicate is done non-verbally. Communication doesn’t just have to be individually, though that is a key component. What is it that you, your group, organization, or business would like to communicate to the world? What are you and your group currently communicating? 


Tami can assist your group or organization in Identifying any discrepancies in messaging and use of non-verbals such as colour, clothing choices, body language, environment and more to communicate your messages effectively

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