Holistic Healing Events

My aim is to create a community of holistic practitioners in Edmonton and beyond who are experts in their particular modalities to provide the basis of a complete holistic healing protocol to participants. 


What does this mean? 


When planning an event, I want included in this event a variety of individuals who can work with clients in a multitude of ways to best support the client in their healing journey. As individuals are, well, individual, much of their path to health and wellness ought to be equally individual and, ideally, open to choice. 


What is likely true for each person is that they could use support with many or all elements of self - from the body, to the mind, to emotions, to their relationships and more. Thus, the practitioners in our community are selected who can best support one or more aspects of self, both at the event and thereafter.


Depending upon the topic of the event, these may include some of the following:


  •      Bio-Energy Medicine practitioners

  •      Naturopaths

  •      Pilates instructors

  •      Sentient Art/Art therapists

  •      Psychologists

  •      Dentists

  •      Eye specialists

  •      Herbalists

  •      Intuitive/Informational healers

  •      Non-Verbal Communication specialists

  •      Artists

  •      Nutritionists

  •      Meditation guides

  •      And more!

Upcoming Events

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Roots on Whyte Community Building

Tarotology Workshop


Where Faeries Live

Menopause….It’s About Time! Event


Roots on Whyte Community Building

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